Saturday, 25 February 2017

Cripple on a Hot Tin Roof

For the last few months I've been struggling with general depression, I put work on hold and literally stayed in bed for around 3 months. 

Recently I perked up, I started going for sunbeds, got my long lost nails done, the little enjoyments I like. Then I met a guy. Lovely lad, really generous, friendly, helpful... Til he turned into the devil after 2 days. So a mate came to cheer me up (wink wink) and it was pretty cheery if you get my drift and he promised to cheer me up as and when. Happy days! 

Til I had a text saying he felt guilty due to his Mrs (screw you !).

Anyway, on my happy little mission I went to my local town, driving behind a black BMW when suddenly without reason he stopped sharply in front of me. Pics on my twitter. I can't get a courtesy car so have to hire one at around £600 for 3 weeks (don't wanna miss Norway or be stranded), I'm seeing mobility Monday with my necessary docs to get a mobility car, my hire car comes Tuesday. I really handled it well for such a total disaster! I knew it'd be a shit day after I fell in mud out of my chair 4 times (lol).

Anyway, I'm hoping to raise money to help. My go fund me still exists or even help me by buying clips/booking me. Every little helps.

Thanks for reading my tale of woe  :-(

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The Lifestyles of the Not-So-Rich and Famous

So I went to a festival Saturday morning and returned early hours Monday. Cracking little event, my car was closer than the disabled toilet so I just peed outside of my car door, teetering precariously on the ledge of the car! I managed to get whizzed through the field at speed without falling out, but after all the self wheeling my muscles between my biceps and breasts are very sore.

I think I contracted a small bug as I've been quite ill since I returned home and am only now starting to feel alive. I sadly had to cancel on a gentleman who was very understanding, but I hate cancelling, I never do it, I feel like I've let myself down as well as the gent in question. And he had a carvery without me, TREASON!

I'm going to slip into a Slag Bol and hope it stays in, I have training tomorrow, an interview Thursday and a flight to Amsterdam Friday, I still haven't removed my camping gear from the car :/ wish me luck!

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Sacked on my First Day

I think I encountered some glitch in the matrix, taking me to North Korea, where I was told to put up or shut up, given abstract, yet unrelating, answers to questions and told I was challenging and din't have to be there, as well as being told that the head of the team was not paid to assist volunteers. I was misdirected with regards to expenses and told not to see the manager about it, turns out I was entitled to more than this EBay twat claimed. I wonder if he was pocketing the rest? I have emailed the manager asking him to refer to several people who know me, and/or were there as well as requesting another placement. I still can't believe it, I'm shaking my head in amusement and disbelief at this power trip and the refusal to assist me so that I may understand the role better.

So I profited £8 in expenses, works out £2 an hour so I think I really was in North Korea with Kim Wrong Un!

Knob head!

Monday, 13 June 2016

Volunteering Within the Substance Misuse Sector

Over the last 2 years I have been scouring the internet for placements in scientific areas, sexual health organisations, and substance misuse organisations.

I have successfully navigated several interviews and attended basic training and information courses. One organisation was most uptight and dismissed me for off-the-cuff comical remarks regarding/involving drugs. Note that I was in TRAINING with other people being trained, I was not with people off the street needing assistance. This dismissal was after the organisation had projected an image of David Bowie, clearly under the influence, stating how glamorous it was, referring to pop culture and the like. I was told I could "trigger" others in the group to start using drugs again. What I say and what you choose to do are not mutually inclusive.

Anyway, tomorrow I begin with an organisation that I am very keen to be a part of. However, I had to contact them numerous times, even turning up in person, before anything was even actioned. I will be on a team that sells donated clothes on EBay (the money then goes into the charity). The problem there is that I want to help real people, in person, I want to deal with people in need, and I want to be a part of someone's happiness, recovery, or simply keep them safe. Over time I'm pretty confident that I can stalk my way into what I want. I am not one for behind the scenes, as we all know!

On Wednesday I am training with a separate organisation, this is ongoing. One person believes you are actually losing blood when you are menstruating, and after reading a few paragraphs on a certain drug decided to attempt to inform me on it when not only have I taken this drug but I've been a purveyor of it, too. I always check what substances really are and what they do through various websites; people still believing that certain drugs are plant fertilisers, bath salts, and horse tranquillisers need to be stopped and informed. The media has propagated certain "beliefs" and those with no mind of their own believe everything the media tells them, from who to hate, what to look like and what to do with themselves.

Turn the TV off, put the paper down and just fucking Google it. There are many reputable sites such as Erowid, DrugWise, and Pill Reports, to name just 3. Don't be a sheep, it's not advanced Chemistry, and I actually know it isn't because I have a BSc in Chemistry.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Where to Find Me Online

Hello strangers, I thought I'd give you a list of where to find me. 

My links, first of all, are on my Yahoo Group in the links section. 

I am not on Facebook so if you "find me" do let me know so I can report the account. I only have one Twitter account so the same rules apply. Please note there have been people masquerading as me on YouTube. I only have one YouTube account, if you locate another, or a full clip, please alert me. These "tips" will always be anonymous, just between me and you. I am on YuVuTu, and, of course, AdultWork.

Please may I express that pirated clips are usually of a lesser quality. I am a real person, I run my own affairs and I earn my own money. Why anyone would want to "steal" from a disabled lady I do not know but every time a clip is pirated I am not benefiting in ANY way. I do struggle to make ends meet; I pay my own rent and other expenses essential to life - I do not receive assistance from family or anyone else. I did open a GoFundMe and despite it's "hits" I haven't got very far with it.

If you wish to contact me please email me.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Christmas Hardships....

All of my long-term fans know the kind of woman I am, I'm not a scam artist nor do I ask for much in return from yourselves other than a bit of respect - which you all treat me with.

Some of you may know where this is going.... so.... on Friday I smashed my car up. I will be getting a cheque, but I don't know how long it will take, so I've ordered a new car using my vast overdraft. I am entitled to a hire car until the cheque clears but the company dealing is being it's usual, awkward, self, so I'm stranded in my apartment.

I'm reaching out here! I don't want to get bounced bills, I have another few hundred until I reach my maximum overdraft and, of course, I have rent to cover, bills and such, plus I'd like to eat (lol).

I would really appreciate it if during this difficult time you could purchase some of my media from Adultwork, or, if it isn't too shameless - donate to my Paypal which I would suggest booking me, but I have no means of transport and do not offer an incall service.

Honestly, anything will do. Every penny counts. I'm ashamed to even put this request out, but we all know how much I need a car, and I don't have the means to wait for my insurance to 'decide' when they'll sort things out. 

I apologise if I have offended anyone with my request, and it is not my intention, or style, to ask for help.

Here's to hoping, anyway... Season's greetings,

Leah xxx 

Saturday, 8 January 2011

It seems like everywhere has offers on this month to encourage spending and I'm more than willing seeing as it's cheaper to eat out than in these days! I've caught up on my sunbeds and am thinking of ways to make this year even better than last year. It won't be easy as I had a fantastic year! After you've broken your back it isn't easy for life to get worse. I've wheedled out my friends and am still building my life back up and I refuse to get old!